Bearded And Bored

Bonus Ep: We love you Iceland

June 23, 2021

Atik and I sit down and suck up to our Icelandic listener(s?) on our international quest to reach the number 1 slot in a country. Norway blew it, will Iceland redeem us? 

thank you everyone no matter where you are in the world for listening. Atik and I have had a ton of fun digging in and learning a little about these amazing Countries. If you are enjoying the show please rate and review us on Itunes and we will shout you out on the show. If you wanted to share an audio file or short story about your experience in one of the countries we have talked about please email us at 

the closing song was Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years - Iceland contribution to Eurovision 2021. do yourself the favor and check out the music video its fucken genius. 

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